Bar Harbor Red Cloak Haunted History Tour

10/30/2017, 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Led by the mysterious "Lady in the Red Cloak" with her lantern, you will see buildings that once seemed ordinary but will take on eerie new dimensions as she relives their enthralling history, and that of the ghosts that are said to still reside there. Wind through the back streets filled with facts and colorful stories, hear some ancient superstitions, visit the Shore Path and some of the ghostly legends there, take a trip by the Village Burying Ground to learn some cemetery lore, and more.

The moderate walk, which begins in the center of town, is suitable for all ages and lasts approximately 90 minutes. By reservation only; refunds if cancelled due to rain. $15 adults, $7 children under 12, free children under 5., 207-380-3806

Bar Harbor