Expert in ancient weapons explains Iceman mystery at Jesup May 17

5/17/2014, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

BAR HARBOR — Richard Longbow, a master bow maker and arrow smith who has immersed himself in the study of ancient humans and their tool, will be at the Jesup Memorial Library, 34 Mount Desert St., on Saturday, May 17 at 2 p.m. to discuss his book “Frozen in Time.”
In it, he distills 20 years’ worth of research into Otzi, a Neolithic-era human discovered in the Alps in 1991 who became known as the Iceman. “It is a book about the oldest CSI mystery ever to surface in the field of ancient studies,” said Mr. Longbow.
Since Otzi was first found by hikers in Italy with an arrow buried in his back, there has been much research conducted on the body and the items found with it, and much debate among experts as to whether he fell where he died after being struck by an arrow, or was buried there by others.
          Mr. Longbow brings his expertise in ancient weapons to examine the evidence. He will outline his research in his talk at the Jesup. Reproductions of some of the artifacts found with Otzi will be on display for the public to view and examine.  After the talk, copies of the book will be available from the author for purchase and signing.
The author has lectured at universities including Dartmouth College, and at the Wilson Center for the Performing arts in Iowa. In 1995, he was the featured artist for Mountain Lake Public Television in Plattsburg, N.Y., and in 2004 and 2005, he demonstrated his archery skills at the Louis and Clark Bicentennial at the request of the State of Iowa. This fall, he will be lecturing at Connecticut College at the request anthropologist Dr. Manuel Lizzaralde about the primitive technologies of many cultures as well as the art of ancient bow making.
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