Acadia Night Sky Festival : "Exploring Jupiter" with Daniel Krysak

9/22/2017, 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

As part of the Acadia Night Sky Festival, Daniel Krysak will give a talk about the Juno mission to Jupitar, Friday evening, September 22, 5:00. The talk is sponsored by the Southwest Harbor Public Library and will be held at the American Legion Hall, behind the Library in Southwest Harbor.

The Juno mission to Jupiter contains a wide variety of instruments in its payload.  The JunoCam instrument is the mission's public outreach camera which is able to image Jupiter at a higher resolution that previously possible.  Additionally, our orbit allows us to image the poles of Jupiter, something not possible here on Earth.  

This is a discussion about the various images we've acquired as well as how the public can engage with the camera system on the spacecraft.

Daniel Krysak, A planetary geologist for six years and currently work on both the MSL Curiosity Rover and Juno spacecraft at Malin Space Science Systems.  For both missions, I am part of the operations team which command and review telemetry from the cameras.  I received my bachelor's degree from SUNY Potsdam in 2008, and my master's degree from the University at Buffalo in 2011.  I currently reside in San Diego continuing to work on both Mars and Jupiter.

Free Event.   For more information, call the Library at 244-7065

American Legion Hall, 22 Village Green Way, Southwest Harbor