MDI Science Café - Economic and Innovation Density Zones

9/8/2014, 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Steve Woods, who serves as chairman of the Yarmouth Town Council, is a former U.S. Senate Candidate (2012) and leads an international marketing company (TideSmart Global) based in Falmouth, will give his perspective on the Maine economy, which he says must transition from a traditional resource-based industrial economy to a thought, science and technology-based economy. He’ll discuss how this transformation can occur from his unique perspective as both an entrepreneur and a public official, addressing ways companies and policymakers can come together to achieve that objective.

From health care to education to infrastructure, Woods will focus on key areas of business and policy he said will strengthen Maine’s economy if they are restructured it to concentrate resources to create appropriate economies of scale in one of the oldest, most sparsely populated states in the nation.

Science Cafés offer a new way for the public to meet with scientists and explore the science that affects everyone’s lives in a lively, relaxed forum. At each café, a scientist presents her or his ideas briefly in everyday language and then the floor is opened for questions, discussion, and debate. Each Café lasts about an hour, and refreshments are available. Please contact MDI Biological Laboratory at 207-288-3147 or with any questions.

Asticou Inn, Northeast Harbor