Cadillac Award Winners

Annual Cadillac Award

The Cadillac Award is given to a person that epitomizes the virtues of leadership, service, sacrifice and the quest for personal excellence. This individual, through work within an industry, an organization or the community as a whole, has demonstrated a rock-solid commitment and dedication to the highest standards of business practice, ethical conduct and selfless public service.


1989 Michael Curtis (given to Pat Curtis)
1990 Kip Soule
1991 Jim MacLeod
1992 Don Allen
1993 Les Brewer
1994 John Reeves
1995 Patricia Curtis
1996 Sonny Cough
1997 Deborah Dyer
1998 Bette Douglas
1999 Gail Bowden
2000 Sheldon Goldthwait
2001 Gail Caruso
2002 Ken Smith
2003 Terry Kelley
2004 Leman Smith
2005 Richard Libby
2006 Lenny DeMuro
2007 Dick Cough
2008 Jill Goldthwait
2009 Bob Collier
2010 Marian Burns
2011 Albert Merchant
2012 Dr. O. Lee Haynes
2013 Earl Brechlin
2014 Joseph Murphy
2015 Dean Read
2016 Ruth Eveland
2017 Kim Swan