Member Benefits


One of the missions of the Bar Harbor Chamber of Commerce is to assist you in marketing your business to potential customers. Working together, the Chamber is able to offer its members a wide array of marketing opportunities that would most likely be too costly for a business to do on its own. Marketing is clearly an important component of any successful business or destination. We want to provide as many opportunities as affordable as possible to provide our members the opportunity that best meets their needs.
The Chamber staff has been working hard to get know each member individually and will continue to do so. We feel strongly that the better we know our members the better we can market your business and provide first-hand information.


The Chamber is the main source of information for visitors and locals looking for anything from where to stay to needing information on auto mechanics. The Chamber refers Chamber member organizations. This means the 95,000 plus visitors who pass through the Acadia Welcome Center and the downtown office located at 2 Cottage Street in Bar Harbor will only be referred to members. Taking into consideration the hundred of thousands of phone calls the Chamber receives, the Visitor's Guidebook distribution, and the two informational centers, there are countless referrals being made to our members.


The Chamber sponsors all of the Business After Hours events, which create opportunities for members to meet and share ideas. Networking often results in referrals, new ideas, and even partnerships. Being a member of the Chamber means that you will be invited to all these events, as well as have the opportunity to host a Business After Hours.

Member Committees

Joining a committee is a great way to take an active role with your membership. As a part of a committee you are a representative for the membership and help make decisions for the direction of the Chamber. To join a committee, please contact the Chamber staff, or click the button below to find out more information on committees.
Click here to find out more information on committees.


The Bar Harbor Chamber of Commerce acts as the voice of the business in our community. We consistently represent the interests of businesses to overcome challenges and work with our members to continue making Bar Harbor a great place to live and visit.

Support the Chamber Mission

As a Chamber member you directly support the Chamber's mission of promoting economic growth and stability in the community. The Chamber is the only local organization that has the means and the infrastructure to promote and market Bar Harbor as a world-class travel destination. Membership dues give the Chamber the ability to collectively promote and market Bar Harbor and its businesses, something which would be difficult for a lone business to do as effectively on their own.

Health Insurance

As a member of the Bar Harbor Chamber of Commerce your business can take part in the Anthem Chamber BlueOptions Health Insurance Plans. There are eight plans designed for businesses with 2-50 employees and self-employed people. There is no question about the importance on having health insurance. For more information please refer to the Anthem Chamber BlueOptions brochure or call the Chamber to request one.

Energy Program

Each year, the Bar Harbor Chamber of Commerce utilizes the buying power of its members through an aggregation to get discounts and preferred lock-in rates on energy products like oil and propane.  If you are interested in participating in our Energy Program, contact Alf Anderson at 207-801-2566 ext.13 for more details.

Tech Tuesdays

Another way the Chamber keeps its members up to date on business issues is through our Tech Tuesdays events. Throughout the off-season guest speakers come to Bar Harbor to discuss various issues that affect the Bar Harbor business community.

Special Events

The Chamber promotes our members' events on the website at no cost. The Chamber feels all events help bring visitors to the area and we do our part to help promote them. The Chamber also sponsors and organizes several different events such as Acadia Night Sky Festival which help to draw visitors to our area.

Customer Service Training 

Customer service can make or break a business. With so many new employees coming to work in Bar Harbor each year, training for customers can be difficult. The Chamber offers complimentary customer service training for their members which businesses can send their staff to.

Community Involvement Special Events 

Each year the Chamber is involved in a number of community-based activities designed to get the local businesses and residents to come out and support the community in which we live. Such involvement includes the Annual Early Bird Sale & Bed Races, the Midnight Madness Sale, and the July 4th parade and fireworks.

Chamber Happenings 

Each week the Chamber distributes an e-newsletter to its members. This newsletter is designed to keep members up to date on current events and what the Chamber is doing to support and promote its members. By bringing this information to your fingertips, the Chamber allows you to focus on your business.

Added Credibility

Being a Chamber member brings added credibility to your business. Many customers and visitors look to the Chamber of Commerce as a source for finding reliable businesses they can trust. By identifying yourself with the area's leading business organization, you will reach more customers, resulting in greater success. The Bar Harbor Chamber of Commerce decal displayed on your business window shows that you support prosperity, progress, and high quality life in Bar Harbor.