Acadia National Park Centennial 2016

Celebrate our past – Inspire our future!
July 8, 2016 marked the 100th anniversary of the founding of Acadia National Park. Throughout 2016, all who love Acadia will come together for a yearlong, community-based, world-welcoming celebration of the Acadia Centennial.

We may celebrate through quiet contemplation of the history of life traced in an Acadia tide pool or through reverence for our radiant home galaxy arced across the Acadia night sky. All who love this place have known our better selves in such moments.
We may celebrate through community, by coming together for events featuring music, art, theater, science, history, discussion, and volunteer work inspired by the Acadia Centennial. All who love this place can feel that bond.
We will celebrate by looking back, honoring those who gave their lands and their labor to create Acadia National Park; and we will celebrate by looking ahead, working together to ensure a vibrant future for this remarkable place.
Acadia’s centennial celebration embraces everyone, everywhere, who treasures this conserved landscape and feels or wishes to develop a bond with Acadia National Park. The celebration is the joint project of hundreds of nonprofit organizations, businesses, and individuals—the Acadia Centennial Partners (ACPs)—each celebrating their own bond with Acadia through their own programs, projects, and products. We are a rich variety of individual voices.
And we are, through love for and commitment to Acadia, a community. We hope that you will join us in 2016 to celebrate the past and future of one of the great achievements of conservation.

For more information about the Centennial celebration and a complete list of events please visit the official Acadia National Park Centennial website,