Cross Country Skiing

Cross-country skiing in Acadia National Park is one of the most exciting ways to enjoy the area during winter. There are forty-five miles of carriage roads in Acadia National Park which are the perfect setting for cross-country skiing. Ski tracks are sometimes laid down by volunteers on sections of the carriage roads when snowfall exceeds four inches. Acadia National Park maintains a list of grooming status for these sections of the carriage roads. Snow-shoeing or allowing dogs to walk in cross-country ski tracks is not recommended. Dogs must be on a leash of at least six feet at all times.

You may also cross-country ski on unplowed park roads. Be careful, as snowmobiles are also permitted to use most of these unplowed park roads. Skiing on hiking trails is not recommended because of the uneven and steep nature of trails, ice falls blocking the path, and trail routes obscured by snow. Have a great time and enjoy one of the most serene times of the year in Acadia National Park.